“One Perfect Life” by John MacArthur [Thomas Nelson, 2012]

This is the complete story of the Lord Jesus Christ where MacArthur blends the biblical material into one continuous narrative. R.C. Sproul comments that the book will “richly nourish the hearts and minds of its readers.”

My wife and I can testify it has. We have spent the last year reading it from cover to cover: including Part XI New Testament Reflections on the Gospel of Jesus Christ pp 493-516 that is filled with verses and John’s footnotes on the Centrality of Christ’s Death; the Victory of Christ’s Resurrection; the Wonder of Christ’s Ascended Glory; the Certainty of Christ’s Return; and finally Salvation is by Grace Alone through Faith Alone in Christ Alone.

Our Devotional process was that my wife read the section and I or she would pray for our 23 grand kids! We heartily recommend the time and effort for it can be a great marriage blessing for soulmates.

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