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Book Review of Glorious Ruin

To me the intriguing title is an oxymoron, what can be glorious suffering ruin physically, financially, etc?

The sub title in how suffering sets you free.

Biblical author Elyse Fitzpatrick rightly describes this as cross-centered theology of suffering in contrast to the theologians of glory.[See her book written with Dr Dennis Jonson Counsel from the Cross]

Let me explain: this book came as the result of his sermons on Job, because those sermons were the most requested.   Because of the encouragement by his listeners, who said the sermons helped them to be freed from bitterness, anger, and despair, he wrote this book

His book is divided into 3 main sections: the Realty of Suffering [3 chapters]; Confronting Suffering [2 chapters] and Saved by Suffering [3 chapters].

In his conclusion on page 192 in the first full paragraph he describes the uniqueness and heart of his writing. Please read and consider.

Finally on page 197 he concludes as the Apostle Paul has written “to live is Christ and to die is gain.”  In the light of the cross, suffering and death are more than inevitable they are good. Now that’s what I call freedom.  Indeed, that’s what I call gospel-soaked liberation..”

The challenge for us is to suffer whatever, even if not liberated, and be encouraged by the intimacy with the ever-present, caring shepherd of our souls.