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New Reading listing with comment August 2015

There are several reasons why I have not posted for a some months.
#1 The physical problems of my oldest son and the transplanting of a new heart and his recovery.
#2 My own discovery of some health issues including a silent heart attack.
#3 The physical problems of our 17-year-old grand son, his anaphylactic shock and his recovery.
#4 The calling up of my 40-year-old son to Iraq now recently home and ok.
Thanks to the many churches and friends who have held them up and prayer.
#5 Several trips taken for connect with the above family needs.

What I decided to do list my reading with a brief comment on each.

First, I am reading thru the 10 volumes of Spurgeon’s sermons. I am now in Volume 5 and have found the sermons apart from his old English very
inspiring and spiritually helpful.
Second. What Did God Say? by Garner, Editor, [An excellent study on inerrancy.]
Third, Stealing From God by Turek, [That deals quite well with atheistic arguments.]
Fourth, Resolved-13 Resolutions for Life by Orrin Woodward. [Very helpful using many successful men in history and business.]
Fifth, Act Like Men, by James MacDonald, [This is a great study for men on biblical manhood.]
Sixth, Side by Side by Ed Welch, [A very unusual book that is a call to friendship by walking with others on wisdom and love with examples.]
Seventh, America 2020 by Porter Stansberry [ It offers advice as a survival blueprint to a possible currency crisis.]