Monthly Archives: January 2021

UN WANTED by Jay Stringer

How Sexual brokenness reveals our way to healing.

It is Unique in that it is the result of 3800 persons surveyed. In his conclusion he fails to stress the Holy Spirit’s work in biblical change.

Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller

This an Invitation to the Skeptical. I am reading this book to help a man who struggles with issues of God. I find the book written in a clear manner that he uses to help the many in his large church. He is recognized as a pioneer of the new urban Christians.

JESUS IS RSEN By David Limbaugh

This book I found in Oilies Store. It is a book about the apostle Paul and the early Church. The author provides a riveting account using the Book of Acts and six New testament epistles. I recommend it as accurate and great for a new believer to get an introduction to the early history of the church.