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Book Report- What Did You Expect?

Paul David Tripp has written a great book on marriage. Sub title Redeeming the realities  of marriage. It covers six commitments with two chapters per Commitment. The commitments include confession & forgiveness, daily growth and change, building a sturdy bond of trust, building a  relationship of love,  dealing with differences & appreciation with grace, and working to protect your marriage.

In my counseling ministry I have worked through the book several times and am now in the process of helping my client couples to go through chapter by chapter using a simple study outline to rebuild their marriages.  I highly recommend it because I have seen dramatic change happen.

Book Review: Biblical Manhood

This is the best book I have ever read on the subject. In fact, I have given one to my four adult sons and three son-in-laws.  I highly recommedn it for a men’s small group in churches.  I have also used in it my counseling ministry since many men seem to be confused on their role. It can be a mentoring tool for a dad with his son.

I was asked to teach it to a Titus Two group in the church where I lead their Faith House counseling ministry.

Topics include: christrian masculinity, leadership  in marriage, decision-making and an appendix on the enemy of biblical manhood: lust. Stuart Scott has accompised this in only112 pages. I have found that this is a plus for men who for the most part do not like to read. will sell them in  lots of six for half price!

Book Review: Biblical Counseling Movement

My reading of this book was more than just a search for information, I began my biblical counseling journey in 1997 in Philadelphia while the senior pastor of Burholme Baptist Church in Philly.  I began taking courses at CCEF under Jay Adams and others.  I remember his quote about why he did not wear a tie becuase “that is why men die younger than women die from choking  Fast forward to 2009 when I attended his retirement in Spartanbutg SC at the NANC Conference.  When we were offered an opportunity to have  a picture taken with Jay I went wearing a tie and now in my library/prayer room is a photo of me and Jay with him seeking to pull my tie off.. 

This book by David Powlison is a must read for anyone in the counseling field including  pastors, associates and elders.  This 331 page book covers from 1960 into the present.  Powlison chronicles the first comprehensive inside book on its history and presents to the reader an honest critique.  He  challenges biblical counselors and prospective newcomers.

As I read through the  book, it occured to me that much of what I reading was part of my history.  “I was there” when Jay taught us,  “I was there”  when mentored by John Bettler in my NANC certification,  I heard John Broger’s Self Confrontation studies.  In fact, I even taught his material in one of my laymen and women. “I was there” and attended back when Bill Goode led us in NANC Conference in Layfeyette IN.  “I was there” attending CCEF Conferences to sharpen my skills with courses taught by Paul David Tripp and Tim Lane in Helping People Change and Changing Hearts Changing Lives  by Paul David Tripp and David Powlison, Ed Welsh on Fear: Running Scared abd even a David Powlison seminar on Death and Dying.

So still counseling at 76 all this biblical preparation has blessed me and I encourage you to continue to become a life-long learner in a ministry of helping hurting hearts.

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