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Name Above All Names

Alistair Begg and Sinclair Ferguson book just published was a great find at Barnes and Noble published by Crossway this week.

I have just finished the second chapter[ Jesus Christ the True Prophet] and had to recommend it especially to preachers.This chapter alone is worth the book. 
I have been blessed by the study of the various names for the Lord in this book and I am sure you will be as well. The last paragraph of the book says it all.

“We shall see Jesus as the Seed of the Woman, who crushed the Servant’s head as the Great Prophet of God whose word directs our lives, as the Great High Priest who intercedes for us, as the King who subdues all out enemies and reigns over us forever. We must recognize him as the Son of Man seated beside the Ancient of Days, as the Suffering Servant who is now exalted as the Lamb on the throne.”

Can Man Live Without God?

Ravi Zacharias has written an outstanding apologetic defending The Christian Faith; some suggest the best since C.S. Lewis.

This book was written in 1994 was the result of encouragement by Charles Colson after he heard the tape recorded at Harvard named the Veritas Series</

This is an outstanding polemical work. It has four major parts:
I. Antitheism Is Alive–and Deadly
II. What Gives Life Meaning?
III. Who is Jesus[and Why Does I Matter?]?

Appendix A Questions and Answers on Atheism and Theism [From Harvard University meeting]

Appendix B Mentors to the Skeptics [Excellent short biographies showing their contributions]
Rene Descartes [1596-1650]
David Hume [1711-1776]
Immanuel Kant [1724-1804]
Soren Kierkegaard [1813-1855]
Friedrich W. Nietzehe [1844-1900]
Bertrand Russell [1872-1970]
Jean Paul Sartre [1905-1980]

This 218 page book published in 1994 would be a great book to use in college or private discussions with Skeptics.

7 Men by Eric Metaxas

This book has seven short biographies of what the author believes  is their secret of greatness

These men are from varied times in history and various occupations.  This book is published by Thomas Nelson is 194 pages.

The men are George Washington, William Wilberforce, Eric Liddell, Jackie Robinson, Pope John Paul II, and Charles Colson.

The author is a believer and writes from that perspective.  Six of the men are born again, but from my standpoint I am not convinced about Pope Paul.  I highly recommend it as a great study on the essential qualities of what is manliness in any age or circumstance.

I am also reading his much larger work Bonhoeffer  [Pastor Martyr, Prophet, Spy] [575 pages.


One Minute After You Die

 Erwin W. Lutzer, who served Moody Church in Chicago as their Senior pastor for over 25 years has written a biblical perspective of several topics: dealing with death and the after life, reincarnation and near death experiences, hell, purgatory,  our ascent to glory, what it will be like, our new home the New Jerusalem, death by suicide and finishes with a great chapter on where you will go when you die. This small  book of only 185 pages is well done and needs to be read by everyone of us who will die someday.

I have read other books on Heaven and Death and Dying but this one is well written and can be helpful to those who have unbiblical views or needs to prepare for that day sometime in the future when we all go behind the curtain into eternity.

Personal Data Inventory Forms Moved

Personal Data Inventory Forms are now available – please download the appropriate form, fill it out and either send or bring it to your first session:

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