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Review: The Christian Counselor’s Medical Desk Reference

Robert D Smith, MD has completed a monumental work from the perspective of a Medical Doctor and a biblical counselor. I have just finished it and I want to encourage biblical counselors that this is an essential work for you in your counseling ministry.

Jay Adams has stated that “in the history of biblical counseling there has been nothing even approximating this work. ”

This book is divided into three sections:  One – Basic Principles; Two- Counseling  those with…[11 issues]  and Three- Lists

Under Basic Principles is a wealth of biblical material on Good Health, the biblical view of Illness, how to counseling those with physical illnesses, dealing with those on psychotropic drugs, an assessment of alleged Health Products and the principles of sleep.

A key statement is on page xiii  “One goal for this book is to show biblical counselors how to respond when a disease label has been given, but when no specific cause  for the  problem has been found.”

In Section Two he covers ADHD, Chronic Fatigue syndrome,  Depression, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia,  Headaches, Hyperventilation, Premenstrual Syndrome, Sexual Problems and Tourette Syndrome.

In Section Three he covers lists of symptoms that may indicate physical diseases and  the counselor’s guide to psychotherapeutic drugs

His Appendices:   a Word to Christian Physicians; Victory in Tragedy and Pain; and additional verses for Chapter One.

I hope you can see how valuable this work is for Pastors and Biblical counselors in minstry to hurting hearts.