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Transforming Presence by Dan Henderson

The book states How the Holy Spirit Changes everything from the Inside out. I have met the author years ago and can hearty recommend his book In his book he teaches us what the Scripture says about the indwelling Spirit of God. This book can be life-changing and will show you how to think, speak,[and sing] rightly about him.

Jay Adams, The Christian Counselor’s Commentary

I have decided this year to read/study his entire set of 10 volumes. Since I am a biblical counselor with my early training under Jay this is labor of love. I have read this year Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and now am going thru the Corinthians. [Previously I have read thru Proverbs.] I can testify of the value and Jay’s insight for anyone who wishes to be a biblical counselor.

Dr David Jeremiah preached a series called “Slaying the Giants in your Life” this summer.

As a biblical counselor, I decided to get more of the book marks to pass individual problems to my clients as homework. It is working to have the clients put a card on the topic they are struggling with in their Bible or book that they are reading to remind them of the Scriptures that they can claim to help overcome the sin or problem.

Ravi Zacharias, The Logic of God

This book has 52 Christian essentials for the heart and mind This books takes you on a journey for answers about exactly what you believe, what you don’t, and how you can reconcile your real world doubts with genuine faith.

This book published in 2019 is a must read for skeptics!

I also like the clear format and reflective questions.