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The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas

[What is it’s not about who your marry but why?]

Gary says don’t get married until you read this book. He challenges you to think beyond finding a “soul mate” and to look for a “sole mate’ –someone who will walk with you on your spiritual journey. He presents different examples to guide you.


Marriage by Paul David Tripp

This book is a rebranded version of his “What did you Expect” book on marriage with added Chapters. I have used his original version extensively in marriage counseling but now will replace it with this book .

There are six commitments that are used to throughout the book are at the beginning of each section. The Special Section to the twenty first edition has two chapters plus a study guide. It is a classic marriage book I would recommend for all couples planning to get married or even married.++

‘American Marxism by Mark Levin+-

This book deals with the progressive assault on our freedoms. A hard read but essential for us as citizens of USA. The last chapter of the book is a guide to choose freedom over marxism.


When to Walk Away by Gary Thomas, 2019, Zondervan.

This book is unique [I have never is all my reading found a book like this one,] This book emphasis how to find freedom from toxic people. This is very biblical in its approach in showing how Jesus had to walk away from toxic people. . There is also a separate study guide;

Legacy by Dr Don

Definition. Legacy+ here are some humble examples of the ways my search and work is led by the Lord.

At the age of 84 I decided to read through my Bible one more time. I chose Jeremiah’s study Bible NKJ. [ As of this morning I am 85+ and in the book of Hebrews. My process is to wake up at 2 0r 3 in the morning [this practice began years ago when I read The Complete Works E. M. Bounds on Prayer [ contemporary English] 2004.. First, I go to Eph. 6[12-18] and put my spiritual armor on [I recommend David Jeremiah book ,The Spiritual Warfare an answer book. also the three volumes The Christian in Complete Armor by William Gurnall first published 1655, 1658, 1662, 1029 pages I have read.]

I then pray for all my clients early and every day. I wake up now after years of this practice automatically. I then go back to bed and after breakfast Carol and I hold devotions using Paul David Tripp Morning Mercies we then pray for our 24 grand kids by name and our children. I usually also am reading books. I just finished Tim Keller’s book Hope in Times of Fear. I am now reading Mark Levin’s American Markism. This work is very difficult to read [so I recommend that at least read the last chapter 7 We Choose Liberty for ways to help and so I decided to go to Barnes and Noble for a new read. While look at the religious section my eye fixed on a book I had read before but now is revised The Blessing [giving the gift of unconditional love and acceptance] by Trent. When I picked up the book which was out of a place behind was Paul David Tripp’s newly revised Marriage this book replaces What Did You Expect? This is the book I always use when counseling a couple on marriage. In fact, I had made a study guide on all of 17chapters.

My points on all this is I was asking the Holy Spirit to guide me in my search and I found these books for my next read. In fact, I now plan to contact present and past clients couples recommending the Marriage book.

The Lord is so good to lead me in my counseling research to help hurting hearts. Leave you with the words of a hymn that I often quote in my final prayers in bed with Carol as we go to sleep.

My hope is built on nothing less Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness, I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus ‘name, On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”.

“Hope” by David Jeremiah [living Fearlessly in a Scary World]

I have recently read this great encouraging book that we all need in this pandemic world. As the book on the back cover states “At some point in our lives, all of us will find ourselves at the end of our rope: .facing storms of life: utter failure, financial collapse, debilitating illness or heart breaking loss.” A must read.

Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller

I just finished reading this great book. My purpose was to help a person I know that is skeptical He listened to the book the audible version. I thin the book was well written in three major sections: Why does anyone need religion; religion is more than you think it is; and Christianity makes sense. I believe the third section is the most valuable to the skeptic.

UN WANTED by Jay Stringer

How Sexual brokenness reveals our way to healing.

It is Unique in that it is the result of 3800 persons surveyed. In his conclusion he fails to stress the Holy Spirit’s work in biblical change.

Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller

This an Invitation to the Skeptical. I am reading this book to help a man who struggles with issues of God. I find the book written in a clear manner that he uses to help the many in his large church. He is recognized as a pioneer of the new urban Christians.

JESUS IS RSEN By David Limbaugh

This book I found in Oilies Store. It is a book about the apostle Paul and the early Church. The author provides a riveting account using the Book of Acts and six New testament epistles. I recommend it as accurate and great for a new believer to get an introduction to the early history of the church.