Bonhoeffer finished!

There have been at least three books that have taken longer to read and this one on Bonhoeffer by Metaxas is one.
I have just finished this 542 page book.

Back in December of 2011 I finished

Sacred fire

by Lillback 724 pages.

Way back in 1990 I finished the three volumes on

The Christian Complete Armour

by Grunall over 1000 pages.

All have been an effort to finished and all have resulted in a different kind of blessing


Shows the life of a martyr against the Nazi Germany under Hitler. He lived under the tyranny with grace and spent time writing etc much Like the Apostle Paul.

Sacred Fire

is about George Washington and reveals how blessed we were to have a believer as our first president. The book shows that many rewriters of history tried to make him a Deist were wrong. One of the features of the book is the great research of original documentation covered at the end in 440 pages.

One other longer[568 pages] book from the past[1/05] that has had a profound effect on my prayer life is

E.M. Bounds on Prayer

Since reading it I have got up earlier in the morning around 5:30am to read the Bible and pray. I have also made it a practice to pray for my current counseling clients every morning. deeper

The Christian in Complete Armour

by the Puritan of the 1600’s William Grurnall, This three-volume set of 1025 pages influenced me greatly so that I put my armor of every morning based on Ephesians 6.

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