Counseling Issues: Fear Psalm 34

Continuing in the Psalm series this one deals with our fears.
King David is in one of the lowest points of his life so far. In 1 Samuel 21:10-15 he goes to his enemies, the Philistines, for help, and has to pretend he is a madman to escape.

At this point David is alone. Notice the sequence:
1. Troubles “many fears” [v. 4] and “troubles” [v.6]
2. Prayer “I sought the Lord” [v.4] “I called upon him”[ 6]
3. Deliverance “heard me and save me out of all my troubles:” Lord answered me; he delivered me “out
of my “troubles.”

Important point: David circumstances did not immediately change. He was still a fugitive, in danger and alone, But he was preserved for the future work he was to do and people began to gather to help.

So God may not change your situation but He will transform them by his presence and peace.

Added note 7/18 look up on the internet “Fear of God Test” by Lucy Moll.

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