The Puritans & Counseling

I recommend:
1. The Valley of Vision [A collection of Puritan [Prayers [Devotions] Banner of Truth Trust, editor Arthur Bennett 2007, 223 pages. I read in 2008.

2.The Christian in Complete Armour 3 volumes, William Gurnall, 1655, 1658, 1662. All   I read and completed in 1909 1025 pages. Great set that started me on the armor of God.

2. Helpful Truth in Past Places [The Puritan Practice of Biblical Counseling] by Mark Deckard Mentor, publisher, 2010 reprint 2016, 208 pages. finished 2//5/18.

3. God’s Battle Plan for the Mind [The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation]. David      Saxton, Reformation Heritage Books, 2015, 143 pages. I finished  on 2/16/18.

One quote sums up the point of this very unusual book.  “Mediation  [it]”is God’s ordained plan for biblical thinking, renewing the mind, overcoming sin, and thus growing in greater Christlikeness.” [page 133.]

Note: Find this book, read and practice biblical meditation.  I will change your perspective and life as a believer.

4. The works of John Owen, ed. William Goold, Vol VI on the mortification of sin, On Temptation, On indwelling sin in Believers, and an exposition of Psalm 130 written in 1850–53; 648 pages.

5. Man’s Guiltiness before God.  Volume 10 by Thomas Goodwin,  1600-1679. 567 pages.

6. Psalm 119, Charles Bridges, 1827, 481 pages. I read in 1985 in preparation for my doctorate “Help for Hungry Hearts, A Counseling View of Psalm 119 [unpublished, 1987].

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