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For years I have used The Journal of Biblical Counseling on CD-ROM 1977-2005. It has been valuable part of my toolbox. I highly recommend that you purchase a copy from CCEF.ORG.

Now CCEF has produced in 2012 an updated and improved new journal free online or you can purchase a reasonable copy for your kindle or a  printed copy.  It includes Featured Articles, A Counselor’s Toolbox, Lives in Process and Book Reviews.

My brief review of Volume 26 Number  1.  I highly recommend it.  Dr Powlison discusses the goals of the Journal  under six items [pp 2-10]. He also give an excellent encouragement to the Pastor as a Counselor [pp 23- 39]. If you want to know about Meds Dr Mike Emlet MD gives a great description to help us a counselors.   One area for help is Julie Lowes’ description of the Relationship Assessment Activity to get the best information from children and teens.  She also has a book view of sexual predators.

My review of Volume Number 2:  This has 70 pages including articles on Godly Intoxication dealing with unique study of addiction of various kinds highlighting be benefits of a church community; What’s Right about Sex reminds us and celebrates the fact that we were made for intimacy; How Does Scripture Change You  gives stories of personal struggles pointing out that change rarely comes by a pat answer or quick fix; Evaluating a Person with Suicidal Desires presents a great list of risk factors, etc; What to say to a Teenager in Crisis is great and I recently gave a copy to parents or a teen; the journal continues the format mentioned above in Issue 26.

My review of Volume Number 3:

CCEF is to be commended for graciously producing a scholarly, yet useful tool to help biblical counselors.

Featured articles are by David Powlison;  one on “moderate makeovers” and one on redeeming psychology;Edward Welsh has two: one to counselors on feeling inadequate, Sam Williams on counselors as missionaries and Aaron Sinori on forgiveness. In the section on Counselors’ Toolbox has a great article on counseling non-Christian. and one I have used in counseling by Paul David Tripp on Lost in the Middle of your Life.  There are also other features on lives in process and book reviews.

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