Book Review of The Meaning of Marriage

Timothy Keller and his wife Kathy have produced an unusual book dealing with marriage.  As you may know Timothy is a pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City that has more than 5000 regular Sunday attenders. One point of interest for me is that he has read all of C.S.Lewis works and refers to him frequently.  From my Reading List you can see I have read several of Tim’s books.

Why is this an unusual book of marriage? First it was written in collaboration with his wife Kathy [She wrote Chapter Six, Embracing the Other].

Second, is his scholarly critique to not accept terminology like “soul mate.” as “a perfectly compatible match.” This book came out of the need to instruct his nearly 3000 singles on marriage principles in a nine week series of sermons based on Ephesians 5:18-33. Be prepared to find interpretations with his in-depth approach.

Third, I have applied the words of David Powlison from the Biblical Journal #1 to Timothy’ s style or writing “he can put familiar truths into unfamiliar words pointing out unexpected implications.” See chapter 5 “Loving the Stranger” who is your spouse.

This 240 page book has an appendix that describes Tim and Kathy’s principles of Decision Making and Gender Roles that I have never seen in other books on marriage.

Additional Notes comprise pages 245-279.  I like to read end notes and I have found some additional good material enriching each of the chapter subjects.

All in all a must read for those willing to explore their marriage.

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