Book Review: Vertical Church by James MacDonald

I have just returned from a great vacation in Maine at a cabin near Lake Rangeley where I read this entire book.  “He states what every heart longs for and every chuch can be.

The book of 320 pages has been highly recommended by evangelical leaders like Bill Hybels Mark Driscoll.NANC leaders like  Paul David Tripp and Steve Viars.

Each chapter begins with “Say It in a sentence“so looking at tne beginning each of the 8 chapters gives you what it is about. For example Chapter One “Deep in the soul of every human being is a longing for transcendence created within us by God Himself.

Another uniques feature are Vertical Profiles of  vertical churches across the world.

One other feature s that at the end of each chapter is Discover More Online with video on a website.

In his book he contrasts Horozontal Churches with Vertical ones.

In summary, Dr MacDonald states that we need to discover the things God has designed and given us to welcome His glory and provoke His manifest presence.

Pastors, be prepaed for change!

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